A Level Grammar Review:19 pages

This  material is recommended for high school studentselementary school students and adults at Beginner (pre-A1) and Elementary (A1) level. It is a useful material for teaching AdjectivesAdverbsAdverbs of placeArticlesArticles: definite articles (the)Articles: indefinite articles (a/an)BE (auxiliary verb)BE + infinitive structures (e.g. he was to become famous)BE: WAS or WERECAN or COULDDO or DOESFEW or A FEW, LITTLE or A LITTLEMUCH or MANYMUST or HAVE TO (obligation)NounsNouns: Collective nouns (team, class, family, committee)Numbers: Cardinal numbersNumbers: Ordinal numbersPast simple tensePlural nouns: irregular pluralsPlural nouns: regular plurals with S endingPrepositionsPrepositions of placePrepositions of timePresent continuous (progressive) tensePresent simple vs continuous (progressive) tensePronouns: Possessive pronouns (e.g. my, mine) and SOME or ANY in English, and is useful for improving your class’ Reading skills. It centers around the theme of AbilityActionsAlphabetAnimalsClassroomColoursCountriesDaily routinesDays of the weekDescribing peopleFamilyFoodHobbiesMeans of transportPlaces and Time. You will find the key at the end of the worksheet.

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